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Twitter and Facebook are the two fastest growing social networks on the internet today. While the two have different type of users, a person can still have the two social network accounts but it is cumbersome to update the same massage to the two social networks. To synchronize/share your status update to the two accounts at once from twitter, You will need to follow these simple steps.
Having a Facebook Fan page means an EXTRA listing in Google's search results pages. Properly set up, you can end up with on entry in Google listings for your main website AND a second or even a third entry for your FB fan page
Still think that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just for kids? The fact is that over 55 million adults now visit social media sites at least monthly, and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 35 and older. And more and more of those 55 million adults no longer look to the Internet and social media networks as one place to find information to make a buying decision…they consider it the place to find information.
How Twitter is changing the way you interact online - and WHO you interact WITH.
Facebook is a serious money machine. Getting Facebook traffic to money making offers has been the goldmine eluding most marketers. Only those who learn the mechanics of Facebook truly understand how to use its power. So, how do you crack the code?
Pakistan's Long March represents more than a movement, it represents hopes for a stronger judiciary and the quest to stop Pakistan from becoming a failed state. But Pakistanis must stand together to stop the terrorism and put emotions aside. The Long March may have started on March 12th, 2009, but it will not end until the Judicial Branch of Pakistan is respected.
Six Degrees Of Interconnection. The glut of social networking sites can make it impossible to decide where to spend your time and energy. Nonetheless, it has paved the way for a new digital subculture.