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Writing a Dissertation proposal is the foremost task that students come across in writing a Masters Dissertation. Writing a Dissertation Proposal is considered very vital as it forms the base for the Masters Dissertation.
Many people imagine essay writing is very much hard and brain cracking. When we were in school we use to write essays on different subjects and without the assistance of our senior and smart person we were not capable to compose anything on any subject.
The essay writing is a common activity but it is very advantageous for the students. Essay writing has been a part of the education system from a long time. It has become a very compulsory task for the students to learn. This writing of the essay is done by the students at the beginner levels as well as at the advanced level of education. But there are various apprehensions when writing essays.
In this article, I wanted to tell you the story of my friend. After reading a story you will say that this article is written with full of romance. Romance in the sense, that this is a story of my friend which fell in love so suddenly, because he was throughout the life against from the love. We all were in the favor of love but my friend was not.
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