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The great recession is US real economic output fell by a third between 1929 and 1933. However, the newly elected President is talking of rebuilding by giving tax rebates of $ 3000 for every job created.
Due to global crisis, United States western allies in Europe and his Asian partner India is getting hit by 'Inflation' increasing more than 10.72 per cent at the end of forty third week of 2008.
China Taiwan pact not only is an example of wisdom but a point to understand that war is not the only solution. The economical strength counts more.
It would be crony capitalism. Giants must learn that foreign borrowing carries unanticipated risks of the sort evident today.
Fisher assumed that real income and the velocity of money would be static in the short-run, so, based on this theory, a change in price level could only be brought about by a change in money supply.
The accord on broad pan-European guarantees marked a shift from the earlier position held by Germany but fell short of a central EU rescue fund floated by France a fortnight ago. However, it also underlined the ability of European nations to act in political concert in the interests of the single currency.
Indo US nuclear deal, India's willingness to replace NATO Forces in Afghanistan and its readiness to play the role of a policeman in the Indian ocean speaks volumes of its future designs.
Information Technology services market worth more than hundred billion dollars. Japan has the second largest information technology market in the world.
As someone who studies the various modes of religion political science of the Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist are simple conclusion that the moral economy of the peasant that was talked about in the 1970s is as relevant now as it was then.
The collapse of the American financial markets might, given the American Jewish community a new idea with which they ought to become synonymous.