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How a Publicity Plan Can Help Businesses Survive and Thrive in a Tough Economy.
Demand for real estate from overseas buyers rose 10 percent in 2008, but demand is set to drop, according to a recent survey.
We have all heard that our credit problems are because of the government. I don’t think so. Prior to the depression, the government’s attitude towards the economy (aggregate market), was to leave it alone. We all know the results.
That is one of the key issues currently dividing serious analysts, and it is part of a much more fundamental argument about whether the outlook beyond the next three-to-six months is for deflation or inflation.
The series of highs and lows can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. How can you know if a company is cooking the books?
The collapse of Bernard L. Madoff's Wall Street investment firm last week was an earthquake. The collapse of Madoff's pyramid scam could provide the impetus for the American Jewish community to rethink its priorities.
One of the main reasons is America's addiction to debt. I posted this theory on Linkedin.com and got so many responses I could barely get through them. Truly, this is a subject on everyone's mind.
In less than two weeks from today the euro will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The move to the last phase of EMU - Economic and Monetary Union - on 1st January 1999, marked a watershed in European integration.
"Silver Parachutes" - A New Non-Fiction Book That Couldn’t be Timelier Given the Current Financial Crises.
Some argue that recession has not hit Pakistan at all and the current economic impasse can be attributed entirely to mismanagement of our economic managers.