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A skunk's spray is one of the ugliest smelling fragrances to the human nose. It is also the same with the dog. Even it feels the same when skunk sprays on it. When you hear a commotion in your backyard and find that skunk has sprayed on your dog, it is the time for you to get into action and remove the skunk's spray. The skunks spray is yellow in color and feels like oil. They spry when they feel they are in danger. Most of the times the dog ends up getting sprayed as it attempt to defend its own property.
Every puppy had to go through teething when cutting his teeth and will need to chew on something to assist this process. It is far better that you provide the puppy with his own things to chew because if you don't you can be certain that he will chew anything and everything that he can get into his mouth. This behavior is not dissimilar to human babies and I expect that those of us with children will remember the sleepless nights during the teething phase.
When an older dog bites or scratches their skin surface, itching is the typical result, which eventually leads to abrasions - a common health affliction of older canines. An herbal treatment of blackberry leaves, elder flowers, and rosemary leaves mixed with Witch Hazel is the recommended course of action when this occurs. Take care to Avoid using oily and/or sticky mixes since these will keep the skin moist therefore delaying the healing process.
For over a century, an intense bond has existed between the British dog buffs and the Dalmatian. Canine experts have knowledge of the breed's presence for durations exceeding the previous two-hundred years. Historically, a theory among such experts has risen, making a claim that the origin of Dalmatians being, in part, a descendent from the early breed of those hounds used for hunting, namely, the Talbot breed.
If there is one similarity shared by both canines and felines it is the fear that results when there ears are rattled by sudden, loud noises. This is especially true with young puppies whose smaller ears are very sensitive to sounds like fireworks, thunder, and even vehicles that backfire.
The breed, Harrier is an ancient one where records of it being a part of the hunting pack exists way back in 1260. However, there is confusion regarding its origins due to conflicting reports reporting on its origins. Various sources state different things such as some say it was born out of the combination between dog breeds and Basset Hound or Bloodhound. Others say that Harriers came about the crossing between the English Foxhound with the Greyhound and the Fox Terrier.
Great that you have decided to buy a dog as your pet. Now let us get to know what are the kind of breeds available and what is the kind of personalities and characteristics they posses. This will help you make a wise decision to choose the breed of dog which is suitable for your home and lifestyle.
Dog clothes today are more than just a sweater to help keep a small dog warm. Getting stylish clothes for dogs is a major market. It doesn't even matter what type of dog you have "big, medium or small" there is something available for everyone.
To keep hearing the continuous and loud barking of the new puppy or dog can be nerve-wracking and bothersome for any new owner. As soon the puppies or dogs reach their new homes, they start their never ending loud barking which leaves the owner exasperated as they did not expect this. This is only natural for the puppies and dogs but some of them do not seem to calm down especially in the evening which is really unpleasant for many.
Dog is the most loyal animal, the human race could have got. The dog is always available with you in your side when you are happy, when you sad, or for that matter not feeling like talking to it also. The dog loves its master unconditionally. In case you are out of your dog's sight even for a little amount of time, they will show you how much they missed you when you come back. As a responsible dog owner, it's our responsibility to take good care of the dog and keep it happy.