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Do you get nervous every time your tooth so much as twinges? Do you avoid the dentists, worried you’d get recommended a root canal? If you’re nervous about getting a root canal, it isn’t all that surprising.
Looking for a method to straighten your teeth? Give metal braces a pass and try Invisalign instead. It's a new method in which you can avoid most of the pitfalls of metal braces but still get your teeth straightened.
This article explains what CEREC Dental Restoration technology is and how it is used used enabling dental crowns and veneers to be designed and manufactured in minutes.
Technology combined with professional service and friendly patient-oriented treatment is the hallmark of West Palm Beach dentist offices. The modern dentists provide laser dentistry, cosmetic work, sedation procedures and regular dental treatment methods. Often, all these procedures can be accomplished under one roof.
If 87% of the general population only skims the page and reads the bullet points, and 84% of your visitors only want your phone number or directions to your office; why is it that medical and dental websites make it difficult for the visitor to find the information they are seeking?
Bad breath is also scientifically known as halitosis. We all know it is the unpleasant smell that comes from our mouth.