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What comes to your mind when you see the word the 'Democracy'? Well, there are perceptibly many types of the democracy.
Iranian Protestors must listen to the Ayotollah and his message. The Ayotollah is to Shias as the Pope is to Catholics. This will only show him and help them prove to him the value of Democracy and Freedom. This is about more political rights and freedom.
It is interesting to note that despite the fact that good leadership is structured to build on successes, at all levels. Most people still get confused when it comes to elections time.
I have observed this phenomenon a lot lately. And it’s getting tired. Ever since President Obama won the election in USA, a lot of misguided young politicians and persons have come out hoping to ride on this bandwagon and become...
Richard Holbrooke is President Barack Obama's most important Ambassador to the Islamic World. Richard Holbrooke has a challenging task ahead in Afghanistan and Pakistan. His main challenge will be Pakistan. Munzir Naqvi's advice to Richard Holbrooke on how to make effective policies that will not only Win the War on Terror but improve United States-Pakistan Relations. Madrassahs will be among Ambassador Holbrooke's greatest challenges.