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Was the Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Movie ‘Swades' [2004] Lifted from the Short Story written by Swaamee Aprtemaananda Jee?
If you are the linchpin in your organization keep reading. The LeBron James saga has faded, but critical lessons were left behind. This article exposes the other side of being the "go to" guy.
Communication in business is essential. Am I right? Yes, but with so many ways of communication and generations in the workforce today it is critical to understand others' preferences. Knowing the subtle nuances of how others communicate can help you understand how to deal with those you communicate and deal with in business. Understanding the differences can help you get ahead.
This article is about the benefits of strategically sourcing hotel spend at large global corporations.
A gift basket is a great gift idea that is suitable for so many different occasions. There are a number of online vendors and brick and mortar gift shops that have made this a popular trend. Gift baskets are simply more stylish and sophisticated when compared to ordinary gifts.
The procedures cover the stages in the Project Management Methodology - PRINCE2.
People have checked out of communicating face-to-face. And while this may have occurred, it has left a small void for people with decent social skills to climb the corporate ladders quickly. The successful CEO's of tomorrow are going to be the one's who know how to look people in the eye, shake a person’s hand, wear a real genuine smile, make some small talk and refuse to be cut off from the rest of the world.
Blogs have evolved into a new medium of communication for the companies to communicate with the customers. But while doing so, they have to be extremely careful. The way ideas are communicated can have an impact on the company overall.
Comment on a recent conference on implementing Enterprise 2.0 and Recruiting 2.0 into the corporate world.