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Have you been putting Jesus out of work? Keep Jesus out the unemployment line. Put Jesus back to work in your life, seeing and trusting in him, in everything.
Snooping is a desperate, paranoid act, and both of those kill attraction--it's a guaranteed way to ruin a relationship. If she's got something to tell you, she will.
An article that gives 3 tips to manage passive and aggressive behaviors in order to keep your marriage healthy.
It is easy to say, difficult to practice. Most small entrepreneurs have problems to control their time. It is fundamental to organize your tasks and schedule.
Everybody has beliefs. No matter who you are or where you're from, you hold beliefs about life. They may not be religious or spiritual beliefs, but rather beliefs about life and what it holds. Beliefs about how you should live. The problem is, it's easy to let your beliefs control you, instead of you controlling your beliefs.
Encouraging words are extremely powerful. When you encourage somebody, you are giving them a gift of courage. It compels them to move forward, to achieve more in life than just the bare minimum. Knowing that somebody wants you to succeed, and tells you so, can give you the courage and the confidence to truly do so.