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What makes a good website? Here are 6 things winning websites have in common.
Starting your own business? Here are 5 things to consider before spending any money.
There are so many different types of bikes that a normal person can't really handle all the specific names. Everyone who wants sell you a bike will tell you that only the bike he has is the best for you. But is this right? Only you can know which bike you need. It's all about the type of riding you prefer. Do you want to ride on normal streets?? Do you want to ride off road?? Do you want to ride only once per week??
Great tips on how to beat out your competition.
Teams aren’t simple. In order for a captain, manager or supervisor to lead a team successfully, h/she should be able to understand the basic dynamics of team. It is important to understand what team is ? Failure to do so can produce devastating outcomes for individuals, team and business.
Isn’t it strange that leadership is so much about benchmarking? We are so concerned with competition, scarcity and what our competitors are doing that we completely miss out on the opportunity to take our own business to the next level.
Competition in the market doesn't mean there is a winner and a loser. It simply means that it is the opposite of a monopoly or another controlled market.
People, consumers and business, look at the subject of competition with more emotion than logic.