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For a wound to heal it is best if it is covered and closed as quickly as possible. This is where surgical dressings come into play. The following article gives a brief on Surgical Dressings and Their Types.
Some types of wounds including incisions, lacerations and punctures may need to be stitched. Generally, gaping wounds where fat, muscles or bone visible or wounds with continued bleeding require stitches.
Negative pressure wound therapy is an alternative to traditional wound care. It uses negative suction that is applied through a vacuum system.
Cleaning a wound is the first and one of the most important steps in wound care. The commonly used wound cleaning products include normal saline, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite etc but there is an alternative to these artificial cleaning agents.
It is important to know about first aid so that immediate care can be provided when an injury takes place.
When a wound is inflicted there is always a chance of complications. The worst kind of complication is when a wound does not heal and slides into the chronic zone.
A very important aspect of wound care is the dressing and bandaging of the wound. The article below details the ins and outs of dressing a wound and follow up actions required till the wound heels.
Coban dressing is what you might categorize as a compression system of dressings. It is a product of 3M and mainly used to treat edema.
In common parlance, a bandage is understood to mean a strip or piece of cloth to wrap and tie over the dressing of a wound, a cut or a bruise. In medical terms, bandages include a wide range of wrapping materials to cover and bind over all kinds of bruises, cuts, wounds, injuries and fractures. They form a necessary part of the medicinal paraphernalia available in an Operation Theatre.
A layman uses the word bandage to often mean dressing. This is actually a misnomer. Bandages are technically only used to support a dressing, and not directly a wound. Bandages are widely available in a range of types, from generic cloth strips, to specialized shaped bandages. This article will give you a brief overview of the kinds and types of bandages available for use.