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Theosophy, Anthroposophy and Swedenborgianism have had a reasonable amount of influence on modern day life: Theosophy brought many Buddhist and Hindu texts to the west, Anthroposophy brought new forms of teaching and mystical elements of Christianity to the mainstream, and Swedenborgianism has influences on philosophy and poetry. This article explores all three schools, and their respective societies and churches.
It takes a lifetime to carry persist in this secret but it's worth it.
Trying to understand mainstream Christianity
The Hinduism teaches the virtues of the "full respect to all religions, peace, global citizenship and full respect to the females."
Where is the question of the art, science, philosophy and spirituality of the yoga causing the Yoga-practitioner to follow the philosophy/religious ideas/thoughts of the SANAATANA DHARMA/HINDUISM only? The art, science, philosophy and spirituality of the yoga is the common property of all religions and indeed the whole maanavataa [humanity]. No maanava group can claim to be its sole proprietor.
There indeed is a conflict of the political policies, political polities and political entities like the nation-States. All the talk of a clash or confluence is restricted only to the political realm. But, there isn't any Clash, Conflict or Confluence of civilizations. Only the "Congruence of Civilizations" exists in reality!
There is much profit in studying the Old Testament and we ought to read and study it continually. Unfortunately, it is too often misused and abused.
Men have debated long and hard on what it means to believe and obey the gospel. Why not just read the New Testament examples of gospel preaching and conversions? We can learn from what Philip preached in Samaria.