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Share trading is also known as stock trading where one invests in the shares or stocks of public listed companies or organizations for a profit
Many people would like to make a fast buck today with the uncertain economy and they think that the path is through the trading markets.
A CFD is a Contract for Difference where a product is traded without the actual product; hence, it is a derivative product where trading comes in the form of price changes
FX trading is an interesting market which many people are indulging in today as they keep alert to the economy trend and the forex market as well as the commodity market.
It was in early 1970s when the forex market was first formed after the Bretton Woods Accord in an attempt to restore the global economic state.
A small investor has limited funds when compared to corporate or institutional investors. Many commodities and stocks are out of reach of these small investors.
Nowadays, CFD trading is preferred over share trading as it requires low capital amount. Many small business owners are finding it very beneficial.