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Dealing with incontinence can seem overwhelming, finding the proper incontinence supplies will make life much easier.
Reusable catheters are hard to clean. That's why disposable catheters are the best for cleanliness and safety.
Incontinence can be caused for a number of reasons. Having a better idea of what is causing your Incontinence will help you assist your doctor during your visit.
The best male catheters will not only improve your comfort, but they will lessen your risk of infection.
Incontinence is something that most women will deal with during and after pregnancy. Learn more about incontinence and the steps you should take to prevent it.
Surgery can be a traumatic and life altering experience for anyone. When this experience renders our bodies unable to perform their normal functions we may be forced to rely on assistance. For many patients each year this assistance comes in the form of catheter supplies. These supplies help the body maintain it’s normal functions and ensure an overall level of health and wellness that is critical to patient recovery.
There are a variety of procedures that are executed in a doctors office or in a hospital that require a patient to seek out medical items such as Catheter supplies.