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Reusable catheters are hard to clean. That's why disposable catheters are the best for cleanliness and safety.
When people suffer a spinal cord injury, they will have to adjust to a whole new way of life. This way of life will usually require the use of a catheter. Learn how you can best adjust to catheter use.
Catheters are the most effective method of removing urine from the bladder.
There are some potential complications with the use of a catheter that those using a catheter should be aware of. These include blood infections, urinary tract or kidney infections, kidney damage, bladder stones and allergy or sensitivity to latex.
You may never think that you’ll need to use a catheter just to get through your day.
The use of a catheter is an inconvenient but necessary part of daily life for many people who have recently undergone surgery or a serious medical procedure.
There are a variety of procedures that are executed in a doctors office or in a hospital that require a patient to seek out medical items such as Catheter supplies.