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Jobs opportunities in India do show an upward trend as many firms come forward to recruiting more staffs. The lull that engulfed the economy has been over and economy showing a positive attitude across the world economies.
As information technology has changed the face of the job market in India and across the globe,number of job opportunity in the IT sector has risen to an amazing rate. useless to say, globalization and technological spread has created a huge impact on the Indian job market.
Recently, I received a webinar description about "fresh stategies to increase cold calling success." The author, Jill Konrath, has written a book called Snap Selling. The strategies definitely apply to a creative and successful job search.
Intuition, highly prized in Eastern cultures, is often undermined in Western culture by "rational, logical" decision making methodologies. Intuition, by contrast, can serve as one of the most accurate decision making tools in choosing a career or job.
The University of Chicago recently published a survey of the happiest and unhappiest jobs.
Topics of importance when changing careers. Finding a gig in this economy is tough by any measure. Finding one when trying to change careers is even tougher.
After experiencing a major setback in his professional life, he found himself on the crossroads. During the last two years, he’d depleted all his savings. He borrowed Rs*. 7000 from his childhood crony; took a public bus from his far-flung village of rural Punjab—one of the four provinces of Pakistan; set off to the cosmopolitan city, Karachi, to start his career afresh.
We are at a turbulent time. The byword nowadays is retrenchment. So, it is crucial now to take a good hard look at your career and consolidate your position in the company.
Here are the frequently asked questions during interviews and suggested answers.