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In 1875, a twenty-three year old man by the name of Joseph Bulova migrated from Bohemia to New York City. Joseph went on to open his first tiny jewelry shop. During 1911, he was able to get his first plant. The plant was mainly used to construct watch components. Bulova watches were then sent off to Bienne, Switzerland, where they were finished with jeweled movements.
Joseph Bulova simply set out to open his own small piece of commerce with his tiny watch shop in New York. After emigrating from Bohemia in the early 1900s, Mr. Bulova brought a long and sound knowledge of traditional watch making to the New York stage, which has evolved throughout the course of several years. Today, Bulova watches are a timeless treasure that has broken numerous barriers within the watch industry while creating a landmark of function and design.
In an age of digital time keeping, many are using cell phones as watches. But for many years, Bulova watches has been the name that most associate with excellence in time accuracy and stylish design. This icon of time pieces continues to draw people to own lovely watches even today.
Joseph Bulova, a poor Bohemian immigrant who in 1875 opened a small jewelry store on Maiden Lane, New York City, probably never foresaw the watchmaking empire he was starting. From Europe, Joseph brought old world craftsmanship and skill. In the new world he used his creativity and entrepreneurial skills to build a world class enterprise. From making Bulova watches, to inventing new ways to keep track of time, the history of the Bulova Watch Company is a fascinating study.
In 1985, a young immigrant from Bohemia, Joseph Bulova, opened a small jewelry store on Maiden Lane in New York City. In this simple store he made timepieces: clocks, pocket watches, pins. With his old world craftsmanship and some ingenuity, he created watches that soon became the rage of the city. Known not only for their beautiful workmanship, but also their style, Bulova watches were excellent examples of European time keeping mechanisms.
One of the most popular watch producers in the world is the Bulova Company. Bulova watches have been on the market for a very long time and have earned a very respectable reputation over the years.