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Blogging is continuously growing and raising in every culture, race, discipline and society. Politicians, celebrities, brands, individuals, students, schools, universities, Government, NGOs everyone seem to have a blog now.
The bloggers who take care of the quality may wait for some time to build real traffic but will never loose the returning visitors, as quality compromise may deprive the blog from existing as well as prospect visitors forever.
Writing is not like speaking. Your writing is permanently there but your spoken words disappear. Mistakes can be located easily in writing than in speech. It pays to write correctly the first time.
I post an article a day and I write one article a day as well. I don't write my articles in a rush. In fact I have a buffer of 14 articles for 14 days. In the first place I don't want to be under undue pressure to write in a hurry. I also need to cover the days that I can't write.
The subject you are going to write about is very closely linked to your title. And the title is going to decide the fate of your excellent article - get noticed or get ignored.