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The strategy of acceptance is as effective for today’s interpersonal pain as it has been throughout the millennia. The victim and the victimizer; the spitter and the spat upon—we will all take our turn giving and getting pain. Will we choose to accept it, and move on with living?
Embracing change is a wonderful way to approach the world, but sometimes it can be hard for people, particularly if the change is unwanted. Most frustration, unhappiness or fear that results from experiencing change is really due to an overly strong attachment to one or more beliefs. Usually, the belief is an expectation about the way things ‘should be'.
Learn how to take the necessary steps and change whatever negative emotions trigger those deep-seated feelings of loneliness in your life for good.
What are the four important stages in the process of the globalization?
There are 2 types of actions we can take: 1. A call for love, or 2. And act of love Within every act of cruelty is a call for love which can easily be transmuted to an act of Love.