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Understand what is required when purchasing an EPIRB in Australia and why. Find out what you actually need and whats just hype.
Everything you need to know about upgrading your vessels television system to digital.
Underwater fishing lights add to the boating experience in numerous ways. Not only do they add tremendously to the ambiance at night, but they attract fish, whether for fishing purposes, or simply the enjoyment of getting to see the beautiful sea life at night. LED under water lights are becoming very popular because of their low energy consumption, and their exceptionally long life.
Boat outfitting is a lot of fun, but it is the second most expensive proposition after buying the boat itself. When figuring out the kind of boat gear you need, start with the items that are essential to safety, and then see what extras your budget allows.
Buying your boat is very exciting, and you definitely want to use it at the first opportunity, but you also have to make sure it is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, and you'll probably want boat electronics that will make using your boat more enjoyable.
Senior land sailing outfitter & guide offers best practices for maintaining the BloKart addresses issues with its parts and how to manage them.