Wal-Mart Goes On Line

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Of course we all want to save cash while getting what we want and/or need in life. Personally, I have been an Amazon.com buyer since its first days. This wasn't me being 'buy local' (I lived in Seattle for most of my life).

My pro-Amazon shopping came about for the same reasons that drive most of us. Getting what you want, at a good price, without a ton of hassle.

I'm in my 2nd year of being an Amazon Prime customer. Yeah. I get enough 'stuff' that Prime pays (for me).

So it was with only casual attention I peeked into Wal-Mart going on line.

My attention was grabbed, quickly. I can see where Amazon may very well have a retailing battle on its hands from the largest retailer in the world.

My research into shopping began straight forward enough. I was looking for a supply of compact fluorescent lamps. However, I'm fussy in that I like bulbs that create natural daylight, and I know the lower tier brands:

  • Cause interference with the computers
  • Are more inefficient (cost more to operate)
  • Lower life and reliability

I was only a little surprised when Wal-Mart came up with a 1st tier brand meeting my desires. I was really surprised when I saw a price for a Great Electric Manufacturer that was in line with the low-end '99 cent' store type bulbs.

Then the feature that can really hurt other online retailers: Free shipping to a Wal-Mart of my choosing, for pick up.

I couldn't resist. I ordered the bulbs. For some reason, I never got the email about my order. However I was able to log in and see my order, any time.

I could track its (slow) progress so I know when I can get my goodies. The site said out for delivery about 13 hours ago. I'm going to gamble they will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

It's too early to tell if I will use Wal-Mart Online enough to pay their functional equal to Amazon's Prime for unlimited 'rush' shipping for all orders for a year. I want to see how this first order worked. So far, so good.

If you try out Wal-Mart Online, please let us know how it worked out for you in the comments area after your first experience.

Tcat Houser is a trainer in Information Technology as well as assisting people understand the most complex computer all, the human brain. This necessitates his being a professional Road warrior.

As A Certified Technical Trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) @ TRCB.com it can be difficult to figure out what Tcat is currently researching.

See my lastest work at TRCBVideos.com - Convert Articles, Reviews into Videos Automagically.

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