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There are different diamond rings you can get for your engagement. You need to choose a ring that suits your personality.
Gold has always been synonymous with wealth and power. In India especially, gold has been a sign of prosperity. Therefore, most Indians find it prudent to purchase gold. However, in light of the recent recession and a sudden drop in the price of gold, many people are opting to obtain cash for gold.
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Radiant cut diamonds were first developed and patented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard who was the founder of RCDC. The radiant cut diamond was the first diamond to combine the elegance of the emerald shape and the fire and brilliance of a round diamond.
White gold was first used for jewellery making in the 1920’s and it was a more cost effective choice for couples that wanted the look and shine of a platinum wedding ring but could not afford the price.
Solitaire engagement rings have been a symbol of tradition for over a hundred years and they are by far the most popular option for couples getting engaged. Diamond experts the world over agree that solitaire rings have the optimum performance
Platinum is known for being a rare as well as extremely durable and natural white lustre metal and it can be used in its purest form when used for crafting jewellery. Unlike white gold it does not need to be rhodium plated and is a lot more durable than gold
Nowadays designer anything is the rage amongst the fashion conscious sections of society, whether it be designer belts, fashion accessories, designer perfume or designer costume jewellery. Costume jewellery is a wonderful accessory
Though gold and silver are no longer the currency of everyday use, their prices dictate the current state of the economy. With the recent spate of recessions and economies going on a roller coaster ride, gold and silver prices too have been fluctuating heavily.