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Just because you don't have to leave home for an online therapy session doesn't mean that you shouldn't prepare for it.
After losing our childhood naivety about the world, trying events will haunt us for the rest of our life. One must therefore build a strong emotional resilience muscle if they are to increase their ability to recover from all kind of bad feelings like pain, fear, grief, humiliation, depression and other whole bouquet of human suffering.
Meditation music provides a powerful element to the effort to bring balance to the mind and body. This is accomplished through meditative practices or in normal life situations. A person will find that this type of music is growing in popularity as more people become aware of its ability to positively change lives.
An article that tells you the top 3 ways to not let others ruin your day.
This article explains how to get back on the right track, when we have improper perspectives about the direction of our life.
Every once and awhile we all need to take a vacation. When life gets to be too much it does wonders to simply get away from it all and relax for a few days
As a parent educator and family relationship coach, I work with families just like yours and mine all over the world. When I asked participants in my parenting classes what they do when they are angry or stressed, they say that they yell, swear, throw a shoe or other object or threaten their kids with a punishment.
When you are able to identify the sources of your stress you are able to deal with it more effectively. Here are some of the causes of stress from the work itself and the environment at the workplace.
Research on stress by Walter Cannon showed that when an organism experiences a shock or perceives a threat, it quickly releases hormones that help it to survive.
Most easy ways to do-it-yourself for Stress Management Techniques which includes easy tasks such as substantial breakfast daily, Regular sleeping habits (minimum of 7 hours) and No smoking.