The Unconditional Love – The Types

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The Introduction

Now a day, one phrase is very much popular amongst the spiritual masters and seekers, i.e., the Unconditional Love. Nearly all the spiritual and religious guides are seen exhorting their followers and others to give love to all the fellow maanavas [humans], animals and other entities in the nature. Further, everyone is being advised to give such love as stated above, unconditionally.

What Is The Unconditional

When any human or non-human entity gives love to others without expecting anything in return or exchange then this love is called the Unconditional Love.

The Description

The husband may care for his wife without expecting that his wife would care for him, too! A householder may help out his neighbour by giving a financial loan to the later without expecting that the neighbour would do some act of kindness to the helping householder in lieu of this monetary help, etc.

The Types

[1] The GUL [Gross Unconditional Love]

[2] The NUL [Net Unconditional Love]


NUL = GUL - GS [Gratification Seeking]

When someone does not seek gratification in any form in all acts and still gives out the unconditional love, such unconditional love may be called the NUL. But, when someone seeks some kind of gratification [but, not necessarily in all the acts] and then gives out the unconditional love, such unconditional love may be termed the GUL.

A spiritual expert may charge some fees in any form like the registration fees, donation, etc and then completely gives to the disciple all that the spiritual expert possesses. This is an example of the GUL. But, a spiritual master giving out one's own spiritual know-how free of cost, purely out of such a master's love for maanavataa [humanity], may be called as giving out the NUL.

The Difference Between The Conditional Love [CL] And The Unconditional Love [UL]

In the case of the CL, the person shall not give out anything in all acts without any kind of the personal gratification. But, in the case of the UL of any type, the person always does not have the GS, i.e., a spiritual expert practising the GUL may charge fees for teaching one's knowledge/skills to the seekers, but may do the mass-healing free of cost of any type, the later act being an act which certainly amounts to being the unconditional one.


[1] The author of the present article wouldn't like to explore deeply the justifiability of the money-charging by the spiritual masters/experts, since in the humble opinion of this author - one is free to charge the fees so long as one delivers the goods/services advertised. Also, it's a kind of Guruu Dakshhennaa that the spiritual master/expert is charging in advance unlike in the ancient India when the disciple used to give the Guruu Dakshhennaa [teaching-fees] only after the completion of one's studies at the feet of one's own Guruu!

[2] It's true that the monetarily weak people get left out in the case of the spiritual master/expert who practise the GUL. However, in today's commercial world, it may be treated like the fees one has to pay in advance while seeking admission to different courses like the MBA, etc.

[3] The spiritual master/expert of the GUL variety need be given the same high due respect that one gives to one's own teachers in school/colleges, etc.

[4] Yes, it's true that the spiritual master/expert of the GUL variety, like a school/college teacher, may then lose the label of being the ‘Saint' [known for charging no fees at all]!

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