A Satisfying Career Move Linked To Your Self-Worth

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A high self-worth is important for having the courage to leave an existing job or vocation that is no longer suitable to your personal and/or professional growth. Your self-worth fits along a continuum from negative to positive. This level of self-worth is a result of many combined factors such as your family upbringing, past relationships, and social environment. A low or negative self-image will not allow a person to reach their full potential and in most cases, is the root of many self-destructive habits. A high or positive self-image, on the other hand, can give a person a more productive and satisfying life. Becoming aware of areas which can be improved upon is the first step in learning to increase your level of self-esteem.

All People have the ability to make changes in their career and life, though some people assume they have no power to make the necessary changes to feel fulfilled. This is due to a lack of self-belief, where they feel they are not worthy of a satisfying life, vocation or career. The pain and misery, resulting from low self-worth, can be minimized or avoided when you let go of the old behavioral styles and stop resisting the new behavioral styles, which can be learned. These new behavioral styles stem from your internal desires, values, beliefs and aspirations. Developing new behavioral styles can be instantaneous if you are willing to let go of the ego control or it can take longer based on lessons, your deep willingness to do your part in the creation of the new life and the letting go of ego control. In either case, the rewards are many; personal growth, professional development, happiness and peace of mind. Listed below are effective ways to build our self-esteem. Listed below are effective ways to build your self worth:

Affirm positive self-loving words
1. If there is an area in your life that you feel contributes to a self-destructive pattern, discover that pattern and then make a positive affirmative statement that contradicts that self-destructive pattern.
2. Read the statement each day a minimum of 3 times a day - when you first get up, sometime in the afternoon and before you go to sleep.
3. As you read the statement, look in the mirror and feel the words.
4. The first few times you may experience resistance or even derogatory statement negating what you are saying. That is the old patterns coming up to be released. Stay strong in your affirmations. You are doing great
5. After a few days, you will start to feel a shift and feel connected to that new belief.
6. Eventually you will start to believe the statement, behave in manners that reflect it and even get outside mirroring that confirm your new way of living life.

Treat yourself
1. Treat yourself to rewards of some kind - baths, hugs, loving words, gifts, etc.
2. Treats are ways of building yourself worth because they make you feel good.
3. The more you feel good, the more you love yourself and the more you love yourself the more positive things will come your way, since you will be receptive to them.

Exercise and eat a healthy diet
1. Exercise is very important because it releases any tension or build-up in the body.
2. Exercise also helps to relax the body and keep it healthier
3. Exercise improves overall wellbeing
4. Eating a healthy diet that is free of toxins is another way of taking care of yourself
5. Eating healthy can be different for everyone. Learn to listen to your body rather than the ego habits.

Do things that make you feel good and happy
1. Each day do a minimum of 3 things that make you feel good and happy
2. The things can be anything from as simple as saying gratitude statements, to acknowledging things around you that are beautiful (trees, flowers, children playing, etc.), planting flowers, walks in nature, a special meal, candle light dinners or anything else that brings joy in your heart.
3. Eventually doing things and being joyful will be part of your life.

Love yourself and others
1. The more you love yourself the more you feel confident.
2. Move away from self-defeating, destructive, negatives, or unloving behaviors and people.
3. Focus all your attention and beliefs on positive, constructive, and loving behaviors and people who cherish, admire and support your way of loving.

Forgive others as you honor your values and beliefs
1. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, rather learning and letting go and moving on.
2. Through forgiving you are moving towards love and away from anger, resentment, getting even and any other destructive behaviors.
3. As you learn, you move forward and thereby are done with that lesson.

1. Laughter is the quickest way to release any built up tension even if you have to pretend you are laughing at first.
2. Watching comedy, do things that make you laugh, children are great reminders to laugh
3. If you require a reminder, call 712-432-3903 input access #6071292, sit back and listen.

As you develop your self-esteem, you will reach a point where you feel secure with yourself and your talents and abilities. You will notice your relationships changing where you will no longer have a desire to be around insecure people and your focus in your career will change as well. You will notice how you desire to be around people who respect you and appreciate your talents. You will look for the type of work that pays you what you are worth and where you are able to utilize your talents to their fullest rather than settling for what is available.

Although we are living in a materialistic world, where it is necessary to have money to fulfill our survival needs such as food, shelter and clothing, it is our belief in ourselves that makes us feel secure with who we are and give us personal satisfaction and peace of mind.

When discovering the necessary career choice, there are two areas to examine. The two areas are: your personal mission and the talents you want to use that bring you the most fulfillment. Your personal mission comes from looking within your heart, as you quiet your thinking, and asking yourself what you bring to society that gives you joy and a feeling of enjoyment whether you get paid for it or not. Some common examples of personal missions are, the ability to make people laugh, to love unconditionally, to inspire or motivate others and to enhance joy.

Your talents are skills (such as computer input, educating, drawing, writing, speaking, selling, and financial analysis) that you enjoy and desire using. I have seen many people hold back from applying for a job or starting their own business because they feel they don't have enough experience with the skills they desire to use. If you are one of these people, remember experience in these skills can be developed or enhanced through education and/or on job training.

Although there are many careers to choose from, part of the decision is based on whether you want to combine both your mission and job or to separate them. When you separate the two, you are using your skills on a job to make money and your mission is applied in the form of activities to bring personal satisfaction. Priests, teachers, rabbi's, monks, doctors, psychiatrists and nuns are examples of combining their mission with their job. Secretaries, engineers, computer analysts, architects and lawyers are examples of jobs where their mission could be applied to bring them personal satisfaction. Have you ever seen people who are bored in their job, depressed, feel unappreciated and would rather call in sick and play than go to work? These are examples of people who may not be using the proper talents and may not be honoring their mission. Although there is no such thing as the perfect job where you always feel fulfilled and happy, I believe a worthwhile job is met when you enjoy what you are doing and feel appreciated and respected.

Angelica Rose, Angelica Rose, a gifted national training specialist since 1984 specializes in deeper relaxation for those mastering higher conscious living, communication/listening skills, relationship selling, and creative marketing. Angelica is the Author of the books- Secrets to Running A Successful Business and Living Life as You Always Dreamed in addition to a relaxation CD, 15 Minutes Revitalization, 40 inspirational messages on software, Inspirations and Inspirational stickers. She is a former Dale Carnegie Consultant and has a wide variety of media expertise such as being a former broadcaster of "Small Business News" on KEZX in Washington and a former producer of an educational television show in Washington. She appears on numerous talk radio shows and was a guest on KIRO Television. Angelica was both interviewed and has written numerous articles for a variety of publications. For more information, please visit www.freewebs.com/heartofmotivation

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