Success is predictable – it is all up to you!

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Everybody want success, how come so few really attain it? If we want to succeed in pursuing our own dreams and ideas, we must break out of the limitations that our physical senses can put upon us. As a result of conditioning from a very young age, this tyranny, if you will, causes us to ignore the realm of possibilities afforded to us in this world.

Now this is not to say that your senses do not provide crucial input and valuable information necessary to your health and well-being. It’s just important to realize that you are capable of enormous achievements, and you do not want to let your senses hinder your progress as a result of preconceived interpretations of stimuli. Becoming aware of your self-limiting behaviors is a major factor in overcoming them.

Before we go any further, let us define success. Earl Nightingale worked long on this definition which I think sums it all up: Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal (or goal). Worthy of you I should add.

We all have six intellectual faculties: memory, perception, imagination, reason, intuition, and will, the main topic of this article. Now the problem is not necessarily that people don’t use their intellectual faculties, it’s that most people aren’t even aware of their existence. If you are unaware of the fact that they even exist, you are not going to be able to fully appreciate and utilize the power they can provide.

And just as becoming aware of your physical senses and how they influence you will affect your ability to achieve your dreams, so too does your awareness of your intellectual faculties. This will allow you to use them more actively and most effectively. You must rely on your intellectual faculties if you are to get the most from your life and if you want to find change your results and achieve real success. This begins with using your conscious mind in figuring out and realizing what you want. What you really want. You have to begin by internalizing your desires and enlisting your will to make your dreams become your reality. Simple, but not necessarily easy.

Your intellectual faculties are the muscles of your mind. And just as it is important to challenge the physical muscles of your body—to provide resistance in order to make them stronger—you also have to test your mind to make it stronger, to make it grow. You have to utilize your intellectual faculties in order to keep them sharp.

The twp most important intellectual faculties to use in your pursuit of success, is the imagination and your will.

We all think in pictures – which give us the opportunity to have a clear and vibrant picture of our goal. This is of utmost importance. Everything around us was once a picture in someone’s mind – wherever you are when you read this article, just look around you and see all the things around you, or actually this article for that sake. Everything is actually created twice. First in our mind and then in physical form. We use our imagination to create great pictures in our mind – knowing that the images will start to materialize. Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich says that anything your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

To understand the power of imagination just think of some of the fantastic inventions up through history the telephone, radio, television, airplanes, internet and millions more. All of them started out as pictures in someone’s mind. Unfortunately most people stopped using this important tool when they stepped out of the sand box. We need to stimulate imagination or creativity of you like to a much greater extent that we currently do, if we do it at all.

Using and developing our imagination is an important asset in order to create a clear and vivid picture of what we really want.

But then there is will. Will is extremely important as it helps us stay focused on our image and exclude any distraction. We create an image in our mind and hold it with our will.
The will is the ability to give ourselves an order, and do it. And by so doing we concentrate our energy on the image.

Often when we thing about a new goal we ask ourselves “Am I able?” – but what we really should be asking ourselves is “Am I willing”. Often we are not willing to do what it takes to achieve our goals. And here we are at the centre of the problem. But it is not very problematic at all; just follow this simple four step sequence:
1.    Decide what you want.
2.    Decide what you are willing to give up (in order to get there).
3.    Take responsibility.

Know the value or service that you will offer.

Jan Peter Aursnes is the author of the book "Unlock Your Future: The Key to a Fulfilling Life," a transition coach and owner of Quantum Leaps Consulting, LLC. With a degree in management sciences from the University of Manchester, England, Mr. Aursnes has 27 years experience in the corporate world, mainly from the food and beverage industries and with special experience in organizational turn-around and down sizing all done in a transitional way rather as abrupt changes. He has also worked for the International Red Cross as a delegate in the Republic of Georgia. Jan Peter Aursnes is a native Norwegian but currently lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife and two children. He is a true connoisseur with a special interest for wine and cheese and the pairing of the two. He also knows his coffee very well. His focus is on helping individuals and companies with transitional processes. To contact Jan Peter Aursnes call 561-868-1815 or visit

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