Staying Focused In Times of Chaos and Confusion - 5 Keys

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With all that's on your mind these days, it's easy to to become distracted and lose focus on what is truly important in your life.  Below are five simple keys to staying focused on your heart's desire/goals and ensure that you are maximizing your time.

1.   Write A Mission Statement.
All successful business' and people have a mission statement, and you should to.  A mission statement gives you direction, and you'll know much sooner if you're straying off course. The mission statement should be simple and concise.  I recommend that you try to keep it under 25 words.  My mission statement is as follows: 

To re-connect people to their heart, each other, and Spirit, by empowering them to conquer their negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

This mission statement serves as a guide in pulling me and my business forward in fulfilling the mission, and makes it much easier and quicker to make decisions. Whenever I have a choice to make, I ask the following question "Is this choice in alignment with my mission?".  If not, the answer is no, and I move on.  If it is in alignment, the answer is yes and I take action.  It's that simple.

2.  Write A Vision Statement. 
A Vision Statement is essentially a long affirmation running from a couple of paragraphs to several pages.  It is a statement of where you want to be in three to five years.  Like an affirmation, it is written in the present tense in very vivid and active language. As an example, part of my vision statement reads is as follows:

I am loving waking up every morning fully energized and vibrantly healthy, ready to empower many more people to follow their hearts and their dreams, just as I am following mine. 

My book "Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart" has been a best seller for the past year...I love sharing the blessings I have received with my family and friends, and the coolest thing is the best is yet to come..."

3.  Create A Vision Board. 
A vision board is a visual representation of your vision statement.  You can draw pictures on a poster board using markers or colored pencils, or you can paste  pictures and words from magazines to represent what you want to manifest in your life. The subconscious mind operates in pictures.  By repeatedly seeing the images on your vision board, the subconscious mind begins attracting the people and opportunities to you in order to manifest those images into reality.

4.  Write Your Daily Intentions.
Before going to bed at night read your mission statement, and write down the actions you intend to take the next day in furthering your mission.

5.  Keep These Items In Sight. 
All of the items above should be kept in a place where you can see them daily.  Additionally reading your mission statement and vision statement at least once a day will go a long way to keeping you focused on your heart's desire/goals.

With all the distractions you face on a daily basis, you need to find a way to stay on track toward and maximize your time.  The five keys above are a great start, and may be all you need.

Mitchell Dahood has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and is Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as Theraputic Imagery Facilitation.  As the CEO/Founder of The Champions Heart, his mission is to empower individuals and organizations around the world to conquer the negativity of their subconscious minds and start expressing and living fully from their hearts.

You can find out more about Mitchell Dahood, his products and services, as well as free resources at his website

In addition to writing books and articles, Mitchell also loves to personally share his knowledge through live presentations, workshops and seminars.  If you would like inquire about having Mitchell speak to and/or offer training for your group, you can contact him directly at

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