If We Were Open Minded

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Below you can find some implications to coming changes, given the fact that more and more people are thinking and talking about the necessity of being open minded. But first of all, the following could serve as a litmus test for you when you are in the process of figuring out of how open minded you currently are.

If we were open minded we would see...
... the pace at which the world is changing already. We would not see it with our eyes, but when using our minds. The changes now are intellectual, progress in technology and new inventions invisible.
... that several of the current systems, organisations and institutions are obsolete, and relying to the assumptions that no longer hold.

If we were open minded we would understand...
... our own imperfection.
... that all the existing systems are human creations, in which the main characteristics of the human nature are leveraged.
... that everyone acting as a part of an anonymous system is supposed to preserve and further strengthen this system, and is paid for it. This generally has nothing to do with one's personal opinions; for being professional in a particular pre-defined role, one has only very limited set of options and answers available. Have you ever thought about yourself as a product?

If we were open minded we would know...
... that different life situations are only shallow dimples. Finding out who we actually are is much more important.
... the power of now -- the power of being present in the current moment instead of living in the past or dreaming about the future.
... that we have the freedom to choose our response to each stimulus or life situation. And if we would know it, we probably would use it as well.
... that the abilities to dream and think, and find new solutions and opportunities, are by far more worth than the existing things, knowledge and solutions.

If we were open minded we would have...
... the courage to be ourselves no matter what the others might think or say. We would know that deep inside the others are admiring us, because they would like to have the same courage by themselves.
... the courage to let the old thoughts, habits, believes etc. go as soon as we have seen that they are no longer viable.
... the exit plan from whatever we do -- may it be our current workplace, our business, our investment or whatever. We would not stay into the train that carries us into the place we do not want to go.

If we were open minded we would take...
... the responsibility of our own destiny, incl. our education, our job, our financial position. The feeling that we can do it would give us enormous energy and motivation.

In result, our mind would be free, we would see more, smile more, understand better, and be more flexible, satisfied and effective. If we would start to be open minded from this point forward, we would just wonder, why we haven't done it for the first twenty, thirty, forty or even more years of our lives.

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