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When you look closely at the motivating factors, they are closely link to relationships and feelings. The pay is important for the staff but the major issue here is to treat the staff well.
Do you find your work full of fun? Of course it is not. The fun is in the mind of the person who is working.
A few moons back, like around the time I was born and before, fathers taught sons how to defend themselves. This usually involved some rudimentary boxing lessons, or fast strike "finishers", as my old man used to refer to them.
Years ago I remember reading a book or article by Zig Ziglar, on the eight universal needs of all mankind. Incorporating that information into my own life’s journey, has been a guiding principal in my writing, teaching and interactions with others. He said and I agree, that everyone, no matter their position, income level, and gender, place of employment or birth desires these things to come to pass in their lives.
Having problems dealing with sunk costs and the time you have spent on this project and that investment? Be unreasonable and make each decision as if there were no past attached.
Perhaps you are already familiar with this insidious disposition. Did I say insidious? How can comfort be insidious?
First decide what you really want to do - what would make work worth working and life worth living. Then figure out how to do it.
A short meditation on the process of thinking. How much time do you spend just thinking? Take a guess - how much during any given day, week or month?
Working smarter through daydreaming. Daydreaming your way to performance and profits. Like many of my clients, I am always looking for ways to speed things up - to produce more results with the same or even fewer resources. We probably agree on this.
How to remain positive when you are surrounded by nothing but negativity.