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1. Jan Peter Aursnes
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2. Khalid Nasr
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A retired Major from Pakistan Army . MBA from IBA Karachi . Presently Head of Department--Business Administration & Commerce in Minhaj University Gulberg Campus , Lahore. Interested in HR development activities.

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3. Feroz Ahmed Bawany
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Feroz Ahmed Bawany

To increase my knowledge and to understand the civilized creations of Almighty Lord 'Human'. May God bless us all.

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4. Kaedrich Olsen
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A new era of transformation has begun

Kaedrich Olsen has studied the runes and Northern mysteries for over 20 years. He also studied spiritually based hypnotherapy and Shamanism in order to become a transpersonal hypnotherapist. Within this practice, he applies runic wisdom to develop powerful techniques his clients use to transform their lives. Kaedrich lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two daughters, where he is an accomplished leader in the Nordic spiritual community.

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5. Ingunn Aursnes
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Turn Your Passion into Prosperity

Ingunn Aursnes is an author, Business coach, consultant and owner of Quantum Leaps Consulting, LLC.  She has a master's in business and marketing and more than 12 years of experience in large multinational companies like Eastman Kodak Company and Kraft Foods.  Her focus is on assisting people and companies to set high goals – and reach them. Contact her for speaking or coaching at 561-868-1815.

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6. Erfan Hettini
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7. Maria Meiners
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The Manifesting Muse

Maria Meiners is known as the "Manifesting Muse," and helps ordinary people learn to Manifest using Law of Attraction principles. If you're new to manifesting, or frustrated because it doesn't seem to be working in your life then Maria can help you get real, measurable results starting today!

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8. Philip Bradbury
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Originally, I was an accountant and then found some pills and a good counsellor and got over it!

Was a business coach and then moved to being a personal coach, running personal development workshops in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. I also co-facilitated AIDS workshops in Sth Africa.

I've written several personal development books, published a magazine, am a columnist for several magazines and have just created our website, Personal Development Academy to give people access to personal development courses in an affordable (in time and money) way and to give people to access free reports, coaches, events and publications to help them become MAD - Making A Difference.


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9. Jennifer And Albert
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Personal Development Coach

Jenn and Albert are the Founders and Senior Editors of, which has been called "the best source for Entrepreneurs To Integrate Personal Development With Online Marketing and Communication on the Internet today". Their videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Don't forget to ask your personal development, online marketing and communication questions in the Ask Jenn and Albert - Empowered Entrepreneurs and Online Marketing Forums. You should Fan Jenn & Albert on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter!

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10. maroof azam
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