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Where there’s emptiness there’s hunger. Passionate hunger fuels a need for connection and completion. We are innately driven to fill emptiness in a self-transcendent way through whatever we can attach to that offers us the promise of fulfillment.
Crack cocaine is a very dangerous drug that is stronger than cocaine. Cocaine comes from the leaves of coca plants and looks like a white powder. Cocaine is snorted or injected. Crack is made by heating cocaine with other chemicals until it smells and looks like a lump of soap. Crack cocaine is smoked, and has many other names such as rock, freebase, base, and ready-rock. Like all other drugs crack cocaine changes the way the body works and the chemicals in the brain.
Dear Alcohol, I’m writing this letter to say goodbye.
A list of destructive behaviors and the effects that I’ve participated in under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.