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By using ROAMS Technologies software and processes automotive service departments can increase effective labor rate.
There are over one million people from overseas coming into the United States every year, and many of them want to show friends and family they are successful by buying a new car.
Money buys, but enthusiasm sells. I also like the one that says: "Jesus Saves, But Moses Invests". If Daniel Webster had been in sales and marketing rather than the dictionary business, he'd have said that enthusiasm is the process of transferring your excitement for your services to your prospects and clients.
Potential customers are eying you up every time you interact with them. Prompt response keeps you in the game.
It is all about salesmanship which further divided into two category, Verbal Salesmanship and Written Salesmanship.
A couple of years ago a salesman stood in my office and gave an excellent short presentation. Then a very strange thing happened. When it became time to close me, he got very nervous, and his whole demeanor changed. His hands started to shake, and his speech became halting.
Ever since I can remember I have had trouble fitting in. I'm sure that most of you know what I'm talking about. In school I wasn't part of any cool group.