How To Submit Articles: Article Announcement Lists

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When you're trying to decide how to submit articles, you have three options:

You can submit articles by hand, via article submission software, or by using a web-based article submission service.

Manually submitting articles requires the most work and produces the most modest results, but I know that many people still like to submit manually as a way of getting their feet wet with article marketing.

If you have it in mind to submit articles by hand, then you will want to submit to three main types of publishers:

--Ezine editors

--Article announcement lists

--Article directories

This article specifically deals with how to submit articles to announcement lists.

Article Announcement Lists: What are they?

An article announcement list is type of mailing list that receives free reprint articles.

Mostly these types of mailing lists are composed of online publishers who are interested in finding quality content. Sometimes writers of that content are also on the mailing list.

People who would like to receive articles sign up for the list, and when articles are submitted they receive them via email. The size of article announcement lists varies, but if you submit your article to several of these mailing lists you can potentially reach thousands of publishers.

Article Announcement Lists: The Process

If you would like to submit your article to an article announcement list, you need to subscribe to the list. This means that to send your article to the mailing list, you need to join the mailing list and agree to receive articles from other people.

This is one of the downsides of submitting to these types of lists--you can end up with an avalanche of incoming emails from the list.

Probably the best way to avoid the onslaught of email is to create a special email address that you only use for the announcement lists.

You can use Gmail or Yahoo mail to create a free email address that you use to subscribe to the lists. Just be sure to check your inbox occasionally to be sure that your inbox hasn t reached its capacity.

Another option would be to use an automatic article distribution service. A good article submission service will do the work of submitting to the announcement lists for you, and you won t have to receive any emails from the lists.

Article Announcement Lists: Where are they?

A great place to find article announcement lists is Yahoo Groups. You are looking specifically for lists that are seeking article submissions on your topic. Remember, first you will need to subscribe to the mailing list, then you can submit your articles.


Just to make things easier on you, I ve put together a list of several article announcement lists . Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article distribution service Learn how you can use article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website at

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