Article Marketing Tips: 5 Ways To Get More Publishers To Pick Up Your Articles

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Are you looking for tricks for getting more publishers to pick up your articles for publication? Have you been looking at your article views and thinking, What am I doing wrong?

I ve got 5 article marketing tips that will help you create articles that work at maximum efficiency for you:

Article Marketing Tip #1: Remember that the quality of your articles matters.

Each article that you write must be written to help your target readers. Your articles must be useful, easy to read, grammatically correct, and on the same general topic as your website.

Article Marketing Tip #2: Look back at the statistics (views, etc) of your previous articles, and you will probably notice that some of your articles are more popular than others.

Why do some articles outperform others?

It could be the title. A good title is very specific, conveys exactly what the article is about, and is phrased in a way that gets a reader s attention. There are also different types of titles:

There s the question title , the Top Tips title, the How To title, the keyword rich title, etc.

If you suspect that your title was exceptionally good on your most popular article, try to write another headline and accompanying article that is in a similar format. This takes some playing around, but the article title plays a huge role in the success of your article, so you will want to take the time to experiment.

Article Marketing Tip #3: Use long tail keyword phrases as your article topics and titles.

Your main keyword phrases are 2-3 words long.

A long tail keyword phrase is usually 3 or more words.

For example, your main keyword phrase may be hire electrician , and one of your long tail keyword phrases may be How much does it cost to rewire a house?

See, the long tail keyword phrase would already make a great title, and by your research you know that this is a popular phrase that people are typing into Google. By using long tail keyword phrases as your titles and article topics, you re creating content that people are already searching for.

Article Marketing Tip #4: Submit via an automatic article submission service.

When you submit automatically, your article is distributed to many publishers who then publish your article on their websites.

So, instead of submitting to one article directory and then waiting around for publishers to find your article on that one directory and republish it, you are taking a more proactive approach by directly submitting your article to hundreds of publishers with the press of a button.

This is the most effective way to do article marketing--no more watching your stats on one lonely directory hoping that a publisher stumbles upon your article. When you use an automatic article submitter, you are getting many republications right off the bat--now that s immediate gratification!


Here's a list of ezine article submission sites to help you get started . Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article distribution service Learn how you can use article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website at

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