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During consumer-initiated decisions, it is essential to the customer’s experience that they are able to utilize the channel(s) that they prefer. Those preferences can change quickly (even in the middle of an application) so FIs need to integrate their channels well in order to accommodate those changes. Each channel’s messaging, promotions, and communication needs to be consistent so consumers feel comfortable and well taken care of.
So the doorbell rings, and two ladies say, "We can get paid for having someone clean your carpets, and show you a vacuum?" What would you do? Free vacuuming and free shampooing? "Heck yeah?" But do beware!
Today’s marketplace is about building relationships and learning how you can spend your resources wisely so those who are predisposed to buying your products and services step forward. Unfortunately, many companies are still following outdated mass marketing techniques where they approach everyone with their offer with the hopes of landing a few sales. As such, too many businesses spend too much money on marketing because they’re bombarding people with ads and offers—and getting mediocre results at best.
Ten tips for creating and using a customer advisory board.
Why exactly do clients buy from you? What is the full value of your product/service to your clients? Learn why these are a must know for you to bring in continual waves of new clients.
I'm back from a very nice trip to South Africa where I had the opportunity to party hearty with lions, tigers, hippo's, rhino's, and elephants. At some point I'll be posting some of the photos on the website.