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Marketing and Sales Effectiveness is a category of technologies and services that refers to improving business results through optimizing the efforts of Marketing and Sales, which, if properly aligned, make each business group more effective.

What about real estate signs that read, "Number 1 Realtor?" I've seen signs for three separate Realtors these past few weeks marketing themselves all as #1 Realtors - and they all work for the same company in the same city. Huh? What is the criteria for being a #1 Realtor? How can every seventh Realtor claim to be #1?
If 87% of the general population only skims the page and reads the bullet points, and 84% of your visitors only want your phone number or directions to your office; why is it that medical and dental websites make it difficult for the visitor to find the information they are seeking?
I arrived at the airport early. The check-in agent was very polite, but also concerned. Despite my confirmed Business Class ticket, the airline had no record of my reservation, and Business Class was already fully booked. I asked if seats were available in First Class. The agent said ‘Yes’.
This article explains in detail that How Graphics Increase Conversions On Salespages.
Who said strike-three and you're out? Here's how I beat the odds of going from a POD published author to a Multi-Award Winning Author with good sales, successful book signings, and a high internet profile.
How to market fitness coaching is a question on the minds of many personal trainers and other fitness professionals. We need to first keep in mind that marketing is an overall concept while advertising is a companion of marketing. They're also probably the two most important activities you'll be doing when you first start out, especially when it comes to trying to sell fitness coaching services.
There is a plethora of advice on staying healthy. In the main, this consists of using strictly following a diet and doing a lot of exercise. This is mainly due to the rise in obesity in the general populace, especially young people, and the desire to look the best possible
The personal training business is proving to be a very lucrative business. However, in order to succeed you are going to have to learn how to get personal training referrals to continuously grow your business. A referral is often the best way to get business because it means that someone is personally endorsing your service and the client comes in with the mindset that they know you are going to be great.
How to market fitness training is a topic on the minds of more than a few trainers these days. Many have a bit of confusion about marketing and advertising but all they need to know is that both are companions, and that both need to be done. Also, one is more of an overall concept while the other is an actual activity. Needless to say, both are also vital to the success of any fitness training business.
Fitness Boot camp is a great way to improve your image through personal training. It is working on your body on a personal level, but still being a part of a team. Most people love Boot camps because 'You can do it whenever you feel like and still get a lot for little without sticking to a routine'.