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Marketing and Sales Effectiveness is a category of technologies and services that refers to improving business results through optimizing the efforts of Marketing and Sales, which, if properly aligned, make each business group more effective.

Before you create your sales page -- heck, even before you create your product -- you need to know who you will be marketing to. You need to understand your niche.
SMS are now taking over to the traditional communication medium, and is now set to take the marketing to the next level. Whatever your product of services, SMS marketing will help you reach your target audience. So if you’re looking for climbing to the next level of marketing, try Bulk SMS service for marketing of your products or services.
Unless you have been having an extended vacation on the International Space Station, you probably know already that video marketing is at least as important as getting out there in social media. And many want to put their 'head in the sand' over this because they think it's too hard, too expensive, too something. Here you will learn several 'how-to' methods that are of little to zero pain.
SMS Marketing is gaining momentum in the business community. Those who are looking to market their product directly, are finding SMS Marketing is one of the best tool in their hands.
It comes as no surprise that there are more lawyers practicing or trying to establish a business in today's world than are needed. This has caused fierce competition. At one time advertising was considering immoral and gauche, both by the public and some in the legal community. However, the competition has changed all of this and legal marketing has become a must in order to build and expand.
Working in the world business can find you faced with a lot of dilemmas. Some of them are more important than others. Public relations are vital when it comes to a business or organization and knowing how to deal with this is something that we will look at a bit further.
As a marketing manager who's working from a limited budget, it's imperative to husband your resources when advertising on the search engines.
For online advertisers, knowledge is everything. In this article, I review how OpenX provides online advertisers with crucial statistics which are essential to monitoring and adapting their ad campaign. Geared towards advertisers, companies, and publishers, OpenX is a free open source software and is providing an interesting alternative to Google's AdSense.
Still think that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are just for kids? The fact is that over 55 million adults now visit social media sites at least monthly, and the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 35 and older. And more and more of those 55 million adults no longer look to the Internet and social media networks as one place to find information to make a buying decision…they consider it the place to find information.
So the doorbell rings, and two ladies say, "We can get paid for having someone clean your carpets, and show you a vacuum?" What would you do? Free vacuuming and free shampooing? "Heck yeah?" But do beware!