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Marketing and Sales Effectiveness is a category of technologies and services that refers to improving business results through optimizing the efforts of Marketing and Sales, which, if properly aligned, make each business group more effective.

Have you ever wondered why some people buy and some don't? Why you can ‘nail' a presentation and still lose the sale? Why some prospect with obvious needs won't even talk to you? Why some people give a fast "yes" but you end up with a slow "no"? Newsflash- it's not about you. There is really only one entity that determines if and when a sale is made, it's your prospect. These are the 4 steps all prospects go through before they buy anything from anyone.
The best salespeople, like the best poker players, have great instincts. They have the ability to READ people and the wisdom to act on their READs.
There are over one million people from overseas coming into the United States every year, and many of them want to show friends and family they are successful by buying a new car.
Multicultural Americans buy nearly $2 trillion in goods and services every year. Are you getting your share of business from the fastest-growing consumer group in the country?
Multicultural patients can become loyal customers—if marketers know how to reach them.
Given the fact that Asians in American have the highest level of education and income few multicultural groups excite marketers more than Asian Americans. There's only one small problem, there’s not such thing as the “Asian American Market”.
Multicultural customers in the United States buy nearly $2 trillion in goods and services every year. However, marketing is only half the story if you want to get your share of the fastest-growing consumer market in the country.
Today, one million new immigrants enter the United States annually and one-third of all Americans are minorities. People from diverse cultures present a tremendous opportunity for companies to sell more products and services…
The ‘trick' to a persuasive article is easy. Solve a problem. Have one or more ways of giving the reader a solution to some problem(s) they have. And start with the headline, telling the reader how they will benefit from your answers.
Being a sophisticated technology, SMS enjoys a vital place in business marketing. SMS marketing brings results beyond expectation and let business to thrive with enhanced name and fame.