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Marketing and Sales Effectiveness is a category of technologies and services that refers to improving business results through optimizing the efforts of Marketing and Sales, which, if properly aligned, make each business group more effective.

Selling to wants is fantastic when a surging economy leaves people flush with discretionary income, but the spend-happiness of 2003-2008 isn't coming back soon, so any business looking to penetrate new markets better learn to position their product or service as a need. This is a serious dilemma for the green technology industry.
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Article marketing is not hard to do once you get the hang of it, but I know that initially there is a bit of a learning curve as you are trying to get started.
If you really want to be a successful forex trader, you don't need to have an ccount worth thousands and millions of dollars.You only need a practical financial management plan.
Forex trading is becoming a phenomenon. In a way, this is caused by increasing success stories and testimonials of some people who got wealthy in this business. Probably, you are tempted to venture into this industry. Before you take the plunge, there are things that you should know when you want to start trading forex.
The green industry is graduating from its rambunctious infancy to its more goal-oriented toddler years, casting sales and marketing teams suddenly under the microscope of sobered investors searching for a scalable business model. If baby ‘Green’ is going to grow up to be just like its parents - Social Media and Cloud Computing - and match their “next big thing” realized status, some very different business backgrounds better learn to play together fast.
"Robot Video" makes creating a YouTube commercial for local businesses as much fun as a video game. It's only $10 for the local business to get on YouTube, and you get paid to play!
There are thousands of promotional products available at virtually every price point imaginable. So where do you start? How about leaning on somebody else's brand to help build your own brand awareness. Utilize trusted brands such as 3M, Camelbak, Swiss Army, Fossil and M&Ms to help you promote your own organization.
Modern technology has reduced the effort of creating video to the point of automagic. No equipment required, while getting amazing fast indexing in the search engines.
Women make 80% of all healthcare decisions and virtually all of those that pertain to her family. Find out how lifestage and multicultural marketing impact your marketing to women efforts if your focus is a health or healthcare product or service.