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Christianity is a monotheistic religion centered on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the New Testament. Its followers, known as Christians, believe that Jesus is the son of God and the Messiah (or Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament, the part of their scriptures they have in common with Judaism.

It is amazing that the average person has to learn over and over again that water flows downhill. You would think that simply observing the destruction of others, reading books that clearly reveal failing types of personalities and observing the lives of those around us, that one could see what works in life and what does not.
Bribes and gifts fall into the same category when used for evil or when used to influence decisions in ones favor.
Hopelessness is a terrible thing. It should not be experienced by anyone. Yet, there are millions who live with deferred hope and with hearts that have been broken because they see no way out. God is not the Father of hopelessness. God is the Father of hope and fulfilled dreams.
Last year, my uncle Troy Saxton went to be with the Lord. He was a minister, farmer; married for 67 years and a man of God who was totally interested in doing God's will. He found God in the land.
Christians are certainly not immune from trouble, but do you have an appreciation for all of the trouble and hardship the Lord has saved you from? When you rise in the morning after a good night sleep, safe and warm and you look out of your windows to see a beautiful morning, do you give thanks for the last 24 hours. Perhaps our Lord has been a shield for you, protecting you and your family from harm.
Before we had running water, digging a well was one of the most important achievements before getting married, starting a family and building a home because the well provided a continual source of water that supported your life style.
Chairs were rare during the time of Solomon. Most people sat on stools or benches or better yet sat on pillows and rugs on the floor. In some high stations there would only be one chair, it would be the chair for the king or nobleperson.
Wisdom brings about success to those who practice it and there are many benefits for those who are influenced by wise people.
This is a story that is continuously played and we hear about its tragic results all the time. If it were a Broadway play it would be one of the longest running plays ever because this play has lasted for centuries. Yet, knowing how these adulterous acts end, we find ourselves having to teach our children continually about these types of traps.
In almost every general conversation I have with adults, the subject invariably comes up of the need to train our youth. Every generation has its unique challenges because teens believe that they are new on the scene and that their experience, because of the progress in technology, makes them somehow different.