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A religion is a set of beliefs and practices, often centered upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality, the cosmos, and human nature, and often codified as prayer, ritual, or religious law.

This is not a game. Do not ask for forgiveness and then say to yourself, well I have wiped the slate clean and therefore I can go back and sin again. Remember, you are dealing with God Almighty. He is a loving Father not a God you can toy with, but a compassionate and loving God to those who really come to Him with a contrite heart.
God desires genuine praise, praise given out of love for Him, but He does not like flattery. Today's Proverb deals with loud flattery given to a friend in the presence of others with some ulterior motive in mind.
Young people who believe they are going to live forever have little regard for the value of time given to us by our Lord in a 24 hour day. Indeed, they just as well sleep away the morning, if possible, especially after spending time with heavy drinkers and gluttons.
How do you gain a pure heart and gracious speech? Are you born with it? Or is having a pure heart the result of God's teaching, spiritual maturity and practice? David, a person God dearly loved, apparently developed his pure heart.
Jacob, on the night he sent this gift to his brother Esau, asking for forgiveness for cheating Esau of his birthright and seeking reconciliation, was rename Israel by God.
There are many scriptures that teach to cheat someone out of something is a sin. For example, using incorrect weights on a scale. Having the scale indicate that you are receiving what you are paying for, but in fact, you are not. Similarly, just as it is a sin for the seller to defraud the buyer, so it is a sin for the buyer to defraud the seller.
Great families need more than what a father can provide. A great family needs a great woman. Our sons need to be taught how to select a great woman and our daughters need to be taught how to be a great woman. Great women are from the Lord.
Listening is a virtue. We have become such a sound bite society that if it takes more than 30 seconds to communicate, we are already off in our thoughts to respond or give an answer. If someone is trying to communicate an idea or concept, we are already thinking of our response before the person finishes.
When we sin it is a transgression against God. Indeed all sin is a sin against God. But God is so gracious that not only will He forgive our sins upon repentance, He will forget them. Because He looks at us as His children, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, He sees in us only perfection and only goodness.
The wise man will think before he speaks and will do all in accordance with the teaching of God. It is best to practice doing all things with love and respect. Do not bring displeasure to God.