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A religion is a set of beliefs and practices, often centered upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality, the cosmos, and human nature, and often codified as prayer, ritual, or religious law.

If you think you know it all, that you have one of those types of egos that allow you to feel that you are great and wonderful irrespective of your true accomplishments...
The word life in this context does not just mean the creation of our spirits within, although Jesus is clear that He is the only way to God.
Good speech will always bless others. It will always accomplish more than threats, speaking with guile and curses.
The walk we take is in the way of righteousness, a way that each of God's children chose when we accepted the very special gift of salvation and spiritual birth from our Lord. These ways of righteousness are the teachings and wisdom of the Bible which we learn through study, with the help of the Holy Spirit.
What is the source of temptation? We know that it is not God for God does not tempt us. We have clear evidence that Satan is involved in temptation.
You would think that when we find Jesus and are exposed to His teachings, that we would immediately stop whatever we are doing and follow Him.
God provides complete and clear evidence of his power, deity and creative powers. When you look at the beauty of a flower, you may ask the question; how did this get here. Or when you experience the love of a pet, it might occur to you that your pet did not simply evolve from some pool of slime, that he/she is part of God's creation.
There are times when sin is glorified, e.g., in movies, books and even in our own real world observations. It appears that some people get away with it. Don't fool yourself. No one knows the full story of another.
There are types of men who wash themselves in their own righteousness, who think of themselves as being better than the rest of society but are continually taking advantage of the poor and needy.
here are many who speak before they think. They rush to judgment or simply believe they have everything so well thought out that everyone else is clearly wrong. Solomon teaches in today's Proverb that fools are generally people who cannot keep their mouths shut. They act and speak before it is necessary and they usually end up making serious mistakes.