Wedding Gowns That Make A Subtle Fashion Statement

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For 65 years, Priscilla of Boston has been designing and making gowns that get noticed.
There really was a Priscilla - Priscilla Kidder, who opened a Bride's Shop in 1945 in Boston. By the 1950s, high-end department stores were carrying her gowns and demand for Priscilla of Boston gowns was growing.

But it was in 1956 that Priscilla was asked to design the exquisite bridesmaid gowns for the wedding of movie star Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco. After that, it seemed that famous brides everywhere wanted a Priscilla of Boston gown.

While in the White House, President Lyndon Johnson's daughter, Luci, was married in a Priscilla of Boston gown. The event was televised and estimates are that 55 million people watched Luci walk down the aisle in 1965. She was attended by her bridesmaids, dressed in pink chiffon gowns by Priscilla of Boston.

Three years later, when President Richard Nixon's daughter, Julie, married David Eisenhower in 1968, it was another Priscilla of Boston gown in the spotlight. And in 1971, Nixon's second daughter, Tricia, was married wearing a Priscilla of Boston gown. As the story goes, Priscilla flew from Boston to Washington, D.C., with the gown in the first-class seat next to her.

Today's brides still have the honor of wearing a Priscilla of Boston gown. In the 1980s, Priscilla introduced a retail concept that allows brides to visit Priscilla of Boston salons throughout the U.S.

Her dresses continue to be made with attention to fit and detail. They are custom made to fit your figure. And, if you want, the salon will first make a copy of your gown in muslin so you can be sure of every detail. It will form the pattern for your wedding gown.


When it comes to selecting your wedding gown, you should probably start with the silhouette of the dress. Find one that is most becoming to you:
· A-line dresses are generally the most flattering to most brides. They are fairly fitted on top, but flow out from the waist, forming an A shape.

· Empire silhouettes are also very flattering for many shapes. They generally have a snug fitting bodice, with the skirt starting right under the bust. If your waistline is not as defined as you might like, this dress skirts right over the problem.

· Ballgowns are just what you'd imagine Cinderella might be wearing to her wedding - a lush design with a very full skirt.

· A corset waist dress has a very form-fitting bodice that joins the skirt below the natural waist.

· A slim silhouette can be quite form fitting down through the hips or it might be a very vertical dress with no added fullness in the skirt.

· The fit-to-flare dress is a fun variation on several styles. It may be a very fitted dress down to the hips, where it begins to flare. Or it may be fitted down through the knees and then it flares out into a mermaid style dress.


Another aspect to consider is the neckline of the dress:

· Off-the-shoulders can be a very romantic look. However, if a bride with very wide shoulders tries this look, it could be intimidating. Look for something with less emphasis on your neckline.

· Strapless dresses offer a classic neckline that look good on many people. Just be sure you will be comfortable in a strapless dress. The last thing you want to do is spend the day holding it up because you are afraid it will slip. If it's fitted properly, it will not slip. But you need to be confident enough to remember that.

· A scoop neckline can be a shallow scoop or a deep scoop. If you are on the busty side, go with a shallower scoop for obvious reasons.

· A halter neckline is a good neckline for a very busty bride. It offers more coverage and also puts the emphasis on the dress and not the bust.

· Finally, the V-neck is another fairly versatile neckline, depending on the depth of the V.


Another way to make a fashion statement is through the fabric of your wedding dress:

· Lace can introduce a very subtle see-through look in your wedding gown, without, of course being see-through. A lace back on a wedding gown is gorgeous and rich, as is a lace overlay on the skirt.

· Organza can be used to form ruffles around the neck and cuffs, or to provide a stiffer overlay to the skirt.

· Silk can be used to produce a soft, draped look. When you walk, the silk drapes around you.

· Satin, which has more body than silk, will give your gown a certain fullness. Your skirt will move with you - as opposed to draping your legs.

Keep these tips and guidelines in mind when searching for your gown and you'll find the dress of your dreams in no time!

Kyle Sterzer is a freelance writer who writes about weddings, fashion and specific products like wedding gowns.

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