After Infidelity: Reconcile or Split Up

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Being unfaithful is betrayal, a dissolution of belief. It is being untruthful or disloyalty to one's mate or significant other. Unfaithfulness is possibly sexual or emotional in character and typically entails a third person. Infidelity does not automatically include physical separation, but may be seen as an emotional estrangement to boot. Emotional disengagement sometimes occurs when you fail your partner's trust or if you deceive to your lover or tell them half-truths.

Being unfaithful to your significant other can certainly inflict a serious agony that is difficult to rectify and frequently causes irrevocable damage to the partnership that accelerates its ending. There are many things that can occur in the trail of unfaithfulness. If you are wedded, being unfaithful can lead to divorce. If you're in a committed relationship, it can lead to a separation.

So what occurs immediately after infidelity occurs in your relationship?

There are different stages a relationship experiences in the event of marriage infidelity.

1. Roller Coaster Stage. This is the point when deep emotions come up - emotions like anger as well as self-reproach tailed by a time of contemplation and appreciation of the relationship. Exactly like it suggests, your feelings take a roller coaster ride, up and down, round and round and it is a bit hard to determine clearly where you stand.

2. Rationalization Phase. This phase is a less emotive stage, at least for the person who was cheated upon. In this stage, the partner affected tries to comprehend of the betrayal. They may ask for additional detail regarding the affair or retreat into themselves or silently get assistance from others concerning the concern.

3. Trust Building Stage. This time occurs in the event the couple has made a decision to stay with each other. During this period, the couple sincerely aims to make their marriage work. They resolve that a continued devotion to their marriage is a must and with time, in due course absolution and belief is possible.

After infidelity occurs, you can still find yourself often questioning your spouse. Never lose heart, there's hope. Here are some signs that may suggest if someone is still deserving of your love.

• Communicates genuine sorrow and regret for cheating on you

• Sincere apologies seem real at the time you hear them

• Takes entire fault for the unfaithfulness

• Stops all contact with the third party

• Displays a renewed gratitude, regard, respect and loyalty to only you

• Exhibits a readiness and frankness to talk about what happened

• Is ready and enthusiastic to go into marriage counseling with you

If the two of you are determined to participate in a serious, open, and honest dialog with regards to your partnership and how you would like it to succeed, there is a good chance you will be able to find a way through your troubles.

If, on the other hand, your lover isn't open to talking about these matters with you and not signifying any of the possible reconciliation signs as listed above, it may be time to cut your losses and get out. More indications that it could be time to terminate the relationship are: your spouse appears to be more anxious than usual and appears to emotionally and physically withdrawn from you. They may head out alone more often and may even be making covert phone calls or working late hours. You can even have mysterious calls at your house. If some of these things are taking place, then most likely your significant other is unfaithful to you. If you possibly can acquire real proof of this unfaithfulness, then it may be best if you separate. A marriage that is based on lies, is lacking in trust and lack of commitment is doomed to fail.

After marriage infidelity takes place, be aware of any indicators that may signify your spouse's drive to stay and work it out or apparent purpose to follow down the path of on-going cheating. You should be cautious and be aware. Make the wisest decision for you.


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