Keeping Romance Alive

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Tomorrow is promised to no one and what little time we have on this earth shared with someone we love and adore is precious.

Romance at any age is exhilarating whether it's a touch, a look, a memory being created or an endearing word spoken. We all love the undying love that was exemplified in the movie The Notebook. What keeps us from living those swooning, can't live without you, got to have you moments over and over again? Most of us will say that it is just life that gets in the way. So let us not make the mistake of allowing it to happen. Listed below are some ideas on how you can recapture the romance in your relationship and just seize that moment for some truly memorable times together.

Share A Secret Code

Pick a word that is likely to come up in conversation like whipped cream, midnight, bedroom etc. and agree that every time you hear someone speak that word you have to simply touch each other ... which could be anything from a kiss to a lingering stroke under the table or a soft hug.

Turn Dinner Into Dining

We all devour meals together. Change up the atmosphere by using your nicest dishes and candle light. It's the mood and not the food that matters. Using flowers, lowering the lights, playing soft music in the background and feeding each other can lead to a dessert you didn't have on the menu.

Get Swept Off Your Feet

Make up your own tango moves and grab your guy for 15 minutes while you wait for dinner. Pop in a Marc Anthony CD and press your pelvises together, entwine your legs and twist and twirl around the living room. Also sloooowww dancing is so intimate and sensual. The way you stand hip-to-hip and sway in each other's arms to the rhythm will truly help to block out the world, the worry and stress of the day.

Outlaw Certain Clothing

Choose a Blockbuster night together, however, don't throw on an oversized tee shirt or grubby loungewear. Slip into something that says "cuddle with me." Perhaps a semi-sheer tank top without a bra or something that emphasizes the assets he loves.

Clean Up With Him

This may sound corny but doing dishes together can be incredibly romantic. Both roll up your sleeves, get sudsy in the warm water and have great conversation while your hands are touching.

Tender Touch

While you're also chilling out in front of the tube, heat things up with hands on action, mini foot massages, laying your head in his lap and let him stroke your hair or vice-versa.


That's right ... you read it right! When no one is looking, give your guy a sneak peek in public. Belive me, it will send his heart soaring and pulse racing.

Afternoon Treat

If you know he's facing a really grueling day at the office, call up a local restaurant that delivers and send him a "I'm thinking about you lunch" and that dessert is waiting for him later.

Dating Game

Come up with three out of the ordinary evening ideas ... maybe a starlit ferry ride, game of mini golf, dinner at a restaurant with a kind of food you've both never tried, a savory picnic basket with wine in a quiet setting and write them on index cards. Then have your guy choose one of the cards and embark on the adventure.

In The Dark

Fake a power outage. Unplug the phone, computer and tv, then turn off all the lights. When there is nothing to distract you, you have no choice but to break out the candles and cling to each other.

Band Pecking All Together

No more quick pecks on the lips. Make a rule that those lips of yours have to smooch for a minimum of 10 seconds and make it worthwhile.

Send Him a Sexy Check

Use a regular check made out to him and fill in the amount with something you know he will love and can cash in on at any time.


Whenever you find yourself alone in the elevator ... grab your man for a passionate kiss. The excitement will leave him breathless.

Seductive Stories

Pick up a steemy best seller and take turns reading it aloud while curled up in bed or on the couch. You may be a little shy at first with each other but believe me he'll love that new adventurous side to your nature and eventually you'll both find your natural reading rhythm. It is utterly romantic as you both get caught up in the fictional world together.

Go Postal

Mail him love notes, I want you notes and sweet little letters about what you love about every part of his body.

Play Barber

Show him some passionate pampering by giving him a sensual shave. After his morning shower, lather him up with shaving cream and straddle his lap while you do it.

Leave Him Clues

Create some mystery and send him on a treasure hunt to find you after work. Pick an obscure, out of the way bar/restaurant/hotel you would never go to. Send him emails throughout the day giving clues with little riddles that hint at the name and landmarks that will lead him to the location.

Surprise Him Reminder

Spritz a small item of your clothing (scarf, camisole, lacy underwear, even an envelope or his hankerchief) with your signature fragrance and slip it into his briefcase, back pack etc. With your sexy sent wafting out every time he reaches/opens his item, he won't be able to take his mind off of you. When the work clock strikes 5, he'll be rushing home non-stop.

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