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This article explains the reasons behind anger, and how to tell if you have healthy or unhealthy anger.
There is no Life Coach ‘cook-book’ that contains Relationship Advice solution for an unhealthy abusive relationship. Long term Marriage Counseling is usually required. As a Psychologist and Online Marriage Counseling provider I regularly come across people who think that the solution to their marital problems is a click, call or just an email away.
Lots of couples go together to gym, they chit chat and help each with stretching and pushups. It's a great way to bond especially in times when work takes up most of their energies.
There are many different dangers of relationship violence. The first one is verbal or emotional abuse. This would be if one partner insults, makes fun of, controls, bosses around, and or makes threatening comments or gestures to the other partner. Another form of relationship violence is physical violence. An example of this would be if on partner pinches, slaps, shoves, punches grabs or hits the partner in an undesired manner.
What most of the girls wish to hear from his Mr. Perfect like ‘I love you just the way you are and I would not change a thing about you’ If these lines are what bring a smile on her lips, then what's wrong?
Angryness creates ego the pillar of green poison through feeling and emotions.