Review of eHarmony -How to date online

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Subscription costs

1 Month: $49.95

3 Months: $99.95

6 Months: $159.95

12 Months: $299.95
What is free:

You get a free personal profile worth $40. There is a 7 day free trial, which bills you as soon as your free trial period is over.

Special Offers: Occasional free trial offers.

eHarmony is a very professional well functioning dating site with a unique approach in that it uses a scientific method for matching up its members. Their system cross analyzes your details with other members to find you highly compatible matches. This site is more people who want to learn how to date online in an advanced way.

Joining up involves filling in a very detailed and in depth personal questionnaire. This will give them the information they need to find those matches for you to meet. This process alone will put off a lot of the less serious daters which means that the people you meet are more likely to be looking for a serious relationship. This might be the reason why there are twice as many women as there are men on eHarmony.

When you become a member, you can communicate with other paid up members after a few vetting steps.
Step 1: Multiple Choice Questions. You select five personality/character/relationship oriented multiple choice questions from a predetermined list that is presented to the other person to answer. They do the same in return.
Step 2: You submit your Must Have and Must Have Nots list that shows your match the things that you "must have" in a partner (i.e. chemistry, loyalty) and things you "can't stand" in a partner (i.e. rude, racist, couch potato).
Step 3: You submit three "open-ended" questions that the other person answers. You can select from a list of predetermined questions or write your own.

EHarmony is well suited for people looking for long term relationships, and it isn't for those seeking flirts and casual dating. You should expect to find a different calibre of members who are more serious about dating than you would get at some other dating sites. Eharmony often offers special eHarmony promotions and eHarmony Promotional codes with special discounts on membership so look out for those.
eHarmony gives users a good level of experience and the quality of people is exceptional and a lot of users have found the experience to be very rewarding.

Thumbs Up
They have a very scientific approach to creating a profile with a very long and detailed questionnaire. They use their own proprietary detailed relationship algorithms.

Thumbs Down

You can only communicate with other members who have paid, not all the people whose profiles you find compatible.

 Learn how to date online, now, and give us your opinions on this blog post.

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