How To Tell If A Man Loves You or Not

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Many women sometime at a point in their relationship wonder and question themselves if their man really loves them or not. Most women have become skeptical of the words "I love you" since most men don't really mean what they say. So, how do you know he loves you? Is it the flowers, kiss, declaring or gifts?

If you want to know if he loves you, then read on

He Listens to you

Women love to talk. It is a fact of nature. So, if he sits through the monologue of how you hate your job, your hair and the world in general, he probably likes you. If he listens to you regale on people he has never met and may be never will, then he loves you lot more. Listening here implies going beyond the glass-eyed stares and occasional "really" or "mmm" . It involves deep engrossment in the story so that he can recall details some days later.

He Talks to you

If you can chronicle his life history truly, he loves you. Men are generally reserved and tend to speak little. However if with time he told you about his childhood, his dreams, his family, the man is in love. If he discusses his job or sport in details, you have his heart.

He Values your Opinions

If your man asks your opinion on matters ranging from what shirt to wear to a career change, he values you. If he sells or rearrange his car or furniture without asking you!, you need to panic.

He Tolerates your Friends

It would be too much to hope that he gets along with them completely. However, if he can at least hold a civil conversation with your friends, you have a winner. If you go together to their birthday parties and weddings without complain. That is the man!

He makes Time for you

If your relationship has fallen into a rather predictive routine, you need to worry. if he say next time he will see or visit you. Take care it is shaky ground. If he comes spontaneously and pick you up for  visits or occasions. Then insist to be on diary entry.

His fridge stocks your favorite drink

If his cupboard/fridge is full stocked with his favorite drinks and food and none of yours, he doesn't care very much about you. If he shops on your food every time he goes shopping, then you are in his mind.

He misses you

Should you have to travel for weekend or so and he goes out every night you are away it could mean two things; he had freedom or he was lonely. If you return and he exclaims, it was like a week, that's cool. But for just a day, you are not missed.

He Takes you to meet his Family

By the time a man takes his girlfriend home to meet his parent, he wants everyone to know. However if done too soon it might look like pressure to settle down by his family.

He Says the Word

There is no substitute to a man saying the words "I Love You" if he doesn't say it for 3 years , you have cause to fret. Men conceal feelings but if he says it frequently or too soon then he is insincere or has too much feeling.


If your man does these entire traits, grab him fast and go for the altar. I mean marriage. If he does not show these traits or you don't understand his traits, may be he shows his love in other ways or he is a slow developer. If in doubt! Just make your next meal with him the last.

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