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A relationship is a specific connection between objects, entities, concepts or people.

A friend is a special person who knows everything about his or her friend and loves him or her more than anything. Friendship is a wonderful chemistry and a sacred feeling.
Unhealthy relationships are defined as those that cause more harm than good to a person’s emotional, mental and psychological stability.
A candy-themed bridal shower is fun and unique. Here are some simple but fun tips that you can do for a “sweet” bridal shower.
Even in difficult financial times when a couple decide to get married and have a traditional wedding with the usual marriage ceremony and reception they seem to want all the various trimmings. This is understandable as this is generally a once in a lifetime event which is going to be a memorable event for the happy couple and all their family and friends.
Have you ever heard people talk about men and relationships, and how they don’t mix?
When a relationship is terminated some people long to resurrect the feeling their ex once held for them.
Most of us find it hard to leave behind them a severed relationship that they feel could have succeeded if only...
Just when you believed that you were recovering from the break up from your lost lover, the feeling of lose returns. Exactly why, you cannot tell. However, there is just one certainty. You want to get your ex back. But how?
The romance in a wedding is largely attributed to the environment and the ambience during the ceremony and the reception.
While you cannot possibly buy love, you can surely impress your eye candy with an inexpensive and yet well-thought-of gift. Here are a few gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day.