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There are no fixed contracts and tenant can check out any time they want to leave and quit their Dubai short stay. A cheap Apartment hotel on rent in Dubai can tender you with all the comforts that an expensive residential type of accommodation and a hotel room can offer at big amount of money.
All feasibility studies were done to make sure that island would not have any unfavorable effect on the environment or interrupt it in any way. No matter if you are planning in Dubai for short stay, you have to pay a huge price, but the price that is worth paying.
Finding the best place in Dubai for rent is overwhelming for expatriate. Especially now when expatriate population is growing constantly, the demand for flats in Dubai for rent is going sky high.
Here you are, one of the newest entrants to the bustling emirate of Dubai, a skyscraper city in what was once a desert land. As you move through the airport you are taken in by its subdued splendor.